WhatsApp will soon allow you to communicate privately

WhatsApp will soon allow you to communicate privately

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WhatsApp continues to innovate to remain competitive. As noted by the site WABetaInfoMeta-owned instant messaging service is developing a new feature to hide their online status.

Currently, your online status tells your contacts if you are using WhatsApp. Convenient if you want to make sure that someone is not disturbed when you send a message, this feature can also be an issue. It is not currently really possible to log into WhatsApp without your contacts knowing, or hide your activity from people who are likely to harass you.

The new discovered by WABetaInfo is in line with the latest Privacy Efforts by WhatsApp It will allow everyone to hide the famous “Online” status. The feature is in development and not yet in beta versions of the app. So it is difficult to give a specific date for ratification. However, WhatsApp seems to be changing its policy to allow you to be more conservative on the platform.

WhatsApp is in private mode

Currently, only a screenshot of the iOS app shows what this new feature will look like, but the option will be present on Android as well, specifying WABetaInfo. At the moment, it is only possible to disable the login history (so that no one can know the last time you were logged in). To change who can see this information, simply go to Settings From WhatsApp (three dots in the top right), then in the account and then Privacy. From there, you can choose who — among “Everyone,” “Your Contacts,” or “Nobody” — has access to your contact history.

The presence indicator will follow the same settings as this option. Preventing everyone from knowing that you are online will somehow allow browsing in the “private” mode on WhatsApp. A welcome novelty for all netizens who have already had to deal with harassment issues.

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