Whatsapp Trick to Automatically Reply Happy New Year Greetings

Whatsapp Trick to Automatically Reply Happy New Year Greetings

Every year it’s always the same story: dozens and dozens of messages from friends, relatives, colleagues and us who just want to take our smartphone and make it fly out the window.

Not to mention phrases like “I wrote to you, but you didn’t answer me” the “Did it cost you too much to return good wishes? “.

WhatsApp platform does not have many features, here to avoid embarrassing situations, someone thought of designing a special application that will save us from bad numbers and random scolding.

The app that responds to Happy New Year messages

The legal application installs an “answering machine” that automatically answers all incoming messages. Let’s talk about Automated reply for WhatsApp Which allows you to set an automatic reply to whattsapp messages, with the ability to choose which contacts will do it and also the times when it is activated.

How it works?

Send automatic replies to messages received. It is based on a robot that works automatically with us. To enable in-app features, the Enable bot option must be selected. The bot allows you to set up intelligent but always automatic responses.

This app is perfect for New Year’s greetings and also for holidays, holidays or even when you don’t want to answer the phone.

You can find it on the Play Store.

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