Cultured neurons learn to play pong faster than artificial intelligence -

Cultured neurons learn to play pong faster than artificial intelligence –

A study underway at Cortical Labs in Australia shows how I can cultured neurons be able to Learn to play pong faster than Artificial intelligence, although the results are less than those in the long term.

The subjects in question are brain tissue cells preserved in culture in Petri dishes, through a system called “DishBrain”, and form a kind of independent brain mass, which is created by placing human stem cells on top of a microelectronic array, forming the constituent brain cells in a manner to form a type from the network.

These cells receive electrical inputs through electrodes and have been tested on a type of Pong, Atari’s popular game in the early 1970s.

According to the research results, it was found that these brain cells are able to learn to play and Pong much faster than the AI ​​system: based on the data, the cultured neurons learn to interact and “play” in about 5 minutes, while AI takes at least 90 minutes to understand how it works and interact.

It is also true that AI will be more accurate than brain cells once the mechanism is known. The system developed by Cortical Labs, visible in the video above, allows this electrical communication With these cells, through the electrodes that transmit the location of the “ball”, stimulating the response of neurons corresponding to the role of the “racquet”, trying to repel the ball in time, just like in the original video game.

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