whatsapp multidispositivo

WhatsApp on tablets and iPads thanks to multiple devices

There is much ecstasy among lovers The WhatsApp For two news that are circulating in these hours, and they are in fact one of them: WhatsApp multi-device Coming and among the supported devices there Even tablets, including iPads. The ability to use Same file as WhatsApp On multiple devices, it is definitely one of the most requested functionality by users, ever since.

For this reason, any news that appears to be heading in this direction is always welcomed, but it is also true that multiple WhatsApp devices have been talked about for years, and therefore, any indiscretion in this regard should be treated with extreme caution. However, it must be said that now is the time and that WhatsApp, after the sharp decline in its popularity at the beginning of 2021 due to New Privacy Policy, tried to bring its users back to the sound of new features and more or less expected functionality. Also because, and this must also be said, all those who have left WhatsApp (even if temporarily) to switch to it cableAnd Signal Or other similar messaging apps have found most of the features that have been waiting for WhatsApp for years Other apps have been around for a long time.

WhatsApp multi-device

The news of further development for multiple WhatsApp devices comes from the well-known site now WABetaInfo: “WhatsApp finally works on multiple devices 2.0 and you can use your iPad as your new connected device. Android tablets are also expected to support multiple devices via WhatsApp for Android!

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However, WABetaInfo immediately states that “It is under development and will be released in a future update“.

At the moment, it is possible to use WhatsApp on up to two devices: phone via app and computer via browser (WhastApp Webo l’app (WhatsApp Desktop App). Whatever the case The phone must be turned on and connected to the Internet, otherwise the other device will be disconnected from the profile.

with the Multi Device 2.0Alternatively, they can contact 4 devices, including tablets, and each will be independent: So it will not be necessary for the phone to always be connected to the profile.

WhatsApp for iPad and Tablets

At the moment, there is still no official WhatsApp application for tablet format, neither on Android nor on iOS. Most users use WhatsApp on tablets via third-party apps (Not recommended, because you need to give it access to all profile data) or by opening WhatsApp Web in the browser window.

The second solution, however, has the aforementioned limit: it is necessary Keep the profile connected to a smartphone And it is not possible, for example, to use WhatsApp independently on a tablet with a SIM card and a phone number.

Still, according to WABetaInfo, however, select WhatsApp apps for Android tablets and iPads will arrive soon, possibly in conjunction with multiple devices. The good thing is that they won’t be.”web appThat requires the browser, but 100% original application It is comparable to those we have used on smartphones for years.

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