Embarrassed !  A yoga teacher was violently attacked by an iguana while sitting on the beach

Embarrassed ! A yoga teacher was violently attacked by an iguana while sitting on the beach

While doing a yoga session on the beach, a woman is unpleasantly surprised to find an visibly hungry iguana.

On the island of the Bahamas, there is a beach where white sand and turquoise waters coexist with … a colony of iguanas. Having resided in this paradisiacal place, reptiles, which are usually harmless, attract many curious people every day who come to take pictures and feed them. On August 21, a yoga teacher decided to use this unusual place as a backdrop for her practice. But the plan did not go as planned. The young woman, who was photographed for her virtual lesson, was performing an arched pose, her arm raised back, when an iguana approached the area to bite her hand. Surprised, the teacher started screaming while holding her hands, while her attacker was quietly lazing beside her, seemingly without remorse for his act. Even the few grains of sand that had been received as a reprimand didn’t seem to bother him any more. Regardless of the scene, the scene did not fail to amuse the netizens, who numbered thousands of comments on the video, which they viewed more than 3.5 million times on Twitter.

Yoga teacher in good shape

As an animal expert from The Pet Enthusiast explains, the iguana has “Incredibly sharp teeth“What if they bite”not toxic”, they can causeHoly damageSo the yoga teacher wanted to reassure netizens by explaining that she had gone to see a doctor who prescribed antibiotics and she was fine.

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