What you need to know about the cicada invasion expected in the spring

What you need to know about the cicada invasion expected in the spring

A new natural phenomenon will affect planet Earth this spring. There is talk of a massive outbreak of cicadas, which scientists predict will infect the United States.

Scientists have identified billions of insect broods in the United States

The areas affected by this insect apocalypse will be Illinois and Indiana, where billions of cicada broods have been discovered. Known for their summer song, these tiny insects spend most of their existence as larvae underground. Only after a cycle of 13 or 17 years do they take on their insect appearance and appear on the surface of the Earth. This transformation usually occurs with the arrival of spring.

However, this year, billions of broods will appear in very close geographic areas, triggering a cicada invasion. In short, these insects will dig underground tunnels to get out. Later, they will reproduce. However, despite the huge number of cicadas that will mate at the same time and in the same geographic area, this will not cause a new invasion. In fact, these new larvae will remain underground for 13 or 17 years, but they will not emerge all at once.

The last cicada apocalypse was 221 years ago

You should know that this reproduction of insects has nothing in common. In fact, this phenomenon occurs only very rarely. Moreover, the last cicada apocalypse dates back 221 years, according to researchers Focus on science. “The last time this brood coincided was 221 years ago, in 1803, and this phenomenon is not expected to occur again until the year 2245.” Determines scientific methods. However, it is important to note that this invasion is not harmful to the planet.

In fact, cicadas are harmless insects and have no effect on humans or on animals and plants. However, they can cause a noise disturbance, due to their loud song. However, this situation will only be temporary. These insects will soon disappear, as the males responsible for the famous deafening noise will die shortly after mating.

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