Martinique Carnival 2024: Nightwear videos appeal to night owls and early risers alike

Martinique Carnival 2024: Nightwear videos appeal to night owls and early risers alike

After a night out or waking up especially for the occasion, the pajama video attracts many carnival goers. Municipalities and even some neighborhoods organize events with several hundred participants.

Nightgown, sexy nightgown, pajamas or boxer shorts, the dress code is the same for everyone. These early morning videos are a delight for carnival goers who do not hesitate to continue the evening, empty and then sometimes working.

It's time to be brave. Early in the morning, a little muscle wake-up is really nice.

One of the participants

Interview conducted by Morev Fuelton and Jean-Marc Keninga

There are several participants in the video wearing pajamas.

The traditional nightwear video begins with Tanbou Bô Kannal's “Jou Ouvé” on Shrove Sunday in downtown Fort-de-France. Another can't-miss event is the Mardi Gras video at Schoelcher. Several groups leave the neighborhoods to meet at Arawak Square. This video was shared by the host of Martinique la 1ère, Harry Talmensi.

There were a lot of people, twice as many people as last year. The audience was great. The people were warm, and there was a real osmosis with the group. The highlight was the tunnel.

Reporting by Maurice Faulton and Jean-Marc Keninga

©Martinique I

On the morning of Shrove Tuesday, and then on Ash Wednesday, carnival-goers will be able to enjoy the carnival at Lamentin and Robert respectively.

Neighborhoods also organize these morning events. Some even have their own customs there. The Saint-Georges de Batelière Association offers a video on Mondays and Mardi Gras.

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Carnival goers share breakfast.

After the party, you go straight into the void. In addition, food and drinks are then enjoyed in a friendly atmosphere.

After breakfast, participants gather for the afternoon show… for another video.

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