What will the French navy do off the coast of Gaza?

What will the French navy do off the coast of Gaza?

Le Tonnerre, “Hospital Ship”?

Bear de Jong He explains that Tonnerre is one of the largest ships in the French Navy and is 200 meters long. Intended for long-distance deployment, the helicopter carrier is roughly the size of an aircraft carrier. But the former colonel corrects: “France has no hospital ship, but it is the largest French ship that can accommodate so many wounded. We will say there are approximately 70 beds, which is not bad really, but since we can accommodate an infantry battalion, approximately 800 men, there are approximately 800 capacity inside the boat, which means that this boat can accommodate, and there are two operating rooms, and it can contain 70 medical beds, but around that there is a capacity of about 800 people, which means that it is a building that can accommodate a total of 800 wounded. “.

What does the presence of the French Navy in the eastern Mediterranean mean?

“I think today we are determining locations. The Navy is taking its positions and positioning itself. Our positions are important off the coasts of Lebanon and Israel. At the present time, as the mission has been determined, the ship is ready to intervene and recover. Wounded from Gaza, and the goal is purely humanitarian.” However, there is no port in Gaza, so the ship is not scheduled to dock: “So the only possibility of transporting the wounded may be either helicopters with a humanitarian air corridor, which is unthinkable, or the second option, which is to transport the wounded either to Israel or to Lebanon, and then transport them on the boat.”

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Western naval cooperation?

Through NATO, Western navies work together. Bear de Jong However, there are differences: “The American positioning is a more healing and more combative positioning. The goal is clearly to dissuade Israel’s neighbors from possible intervention. That is why their ship is not moving today in Lebanon and that “Iran is a low-level model.” “So we see that deterrence is effective today.”

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