Putin accuses Ukraine and demands its police to take “strong measures.”

Putin accuses Ukraine and demands its police to take “strong measures.”

“The events that took place last night in Makhachkala were provoked, including through social networks, in particular from Ukraine, by agents of Western special services,” Mr. Putin announced during a government meeting dedicated to the “incident.” He accused the Ukrainians, “under the leadership of their Western bosses, of trying to provoke massacres in Russia.” He also pointed to the role of the United States, Russia’s rival and continued support for Kiev in the struggle against Moscow.

Trump attacked on Russian television, saying: “Without success on the battlefield, (the United States) wants to divide us, with respect to Russia, from within to weaken us and sow confusion.” In Washington, where the attack was likened to a “massacre,” State Department spokesman Matthew Miller considered these accusations “ridiculous.” For his part, Ukrainian diplomacy spokesman, Oleg Nikolenko, denounced the “attempt to shift responsibility” to his country.

As for President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is Jewish, he announced on Monday evening: “The Russians have polluted their country with such a level of hatred and insult that Russia is losing control of events for the second time this year,” referring to the failed attempt by the Wagner militia to advance. To Moscow in June.

“system protection”

In response to the Sunday evening attack on Makhachala Airport by a crowd of men clearly searching for Israelis, Vladimir Putin also demanded a firm response from his security services on Monday.

“I would like to draw the attention of officials of all regions, heads of law enforcement agencies and special services to the need to take firm, timely and clear measures to protect the Russian constitutional order,” he said. What measures were these.

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In total, police in the Muslim-majority Republic of Dagestan have arrested 83 people since Sunday and carried out “more than 50 searches,” they announced in a press release on Monday evening. She stressed that “the operational situation in the region is under the control of law enforcement forces.”

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