What should you know before scanning a restaurant QR code?

What should you know before scanning a restaurant QR code?

On June 9th, you will have the opportunity to scan the QR code using the TousAntiCovid-Signal application at the entrance to some indoor places (bar, restaurants, gymnasiums). To make an informed decision if you want to do so, here are some keys to understanding.

to me From June 9You will be able to sit back inside the bars and restaurants, and you will be able to go to the gyms again. The problem is that the risk of transmission Covid-19 It is more important indoors than outdoors, and the epidemic is not over yet.

Therefore, in order for these new freedoms not to systematically generate new sources of pollution, the government planned a device to track indoor contacts. Objective: To warn visitors who are exposed to a person infected with COVID-19, so that they can self-isolate and be tested; Thus not contributing to the spread of the disease.

This new device will be integrated into the TousAntiCovid app (TAC), Under the name “Signal”. Important detail: Using contact tracing in TousAntiCovid-Signal will not enforce the use of contact tracing that already exists in TousAntiCovid (and vice versa). In other words, they are two separate features of the same app.

Concretely, TAC-Signal will allow you to scan specific QR codes displayed by the indoor managers that you will be visiting. Without going into details (Our reference article) Of running it, the scan will simply record a specific identifier on your app on your app, tied to the time of the scan. As of May 21, full details are not yet known, but the government is expected to post questions and answers online in the coming days.

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The last point of interest: Covid notebooks (The reminders), which were already published during the disengagement in October 2020, should also return. They can be a paper alternative to TAC-Signal, even if the resulting contact tracing system is very different.

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Why scan the QR code?

If you scan a QR code with TAC-Signal, you enter the organization’s contact tracing system. This gives you two advantages:

  • You will be Warning or warning if exposed or exposed To a person who has tested positive for the covid-19 virus in the application. You will know that you are thus in contact and can isolate yourself and take a PCR test if necessary.
  • On the contrary, you can declare that you are positive for covid-19 if necessary, and therefore Indirect warning to other customers Of place so that they can act accordingly.

You will not have to scan a QR code

  • From the first drafts of StopCovid (the predecessor to TAC), the National Informatics and Freedoms Commission (Cnil) came to the following: Use of the app should remain voluntary. In other words, it calls for the hard-line citizen who supports the application and another who refuses to confirm it, to remain equal before the law. This principle should apply to the TAC signal.
  • If you do not want or cannot use the QR code system, the restaurant owner can offer you an alternate paper book or digital reminder book. When the restaurants reopened last year, Customers were not required to participate in contact tracing.« In practice, a data controller cannot deny access to his organization if a person refuses to connect their data. [dans le carnet de rappel, ndlr] », Wrote in Cnil.
  • As of May 21, there is still little doubt about commitment in certain places. Cnil was raised The possibility of requiring visitors to subscribe to a system for recording visits. This commitment could only have been allowed in Places of high risk. The list of these places was unknown at that time, and remains so. Since the government is not communicating about this matter anymore, it may not even exist anymore. But until then, an alternative to TAC should be available. ” CNIL notes that users will reserve the option not to use the TousAntiCovid app, including in the event that recording the visits would constitute an obligation on the people involved. She added.
  • And in principle, You can refuse any contact tracing system In most cases. We will confirm this information as soon as possible.
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It will not transfer your personal data

If you decide to scan a QR code with TAC-Signal:

  • You will not share any personal data with the restaurant. Your smartphone will collect the restaurant ID, not the other way around.
  • On the other hand, you will send the data you have collected – restaurant ID, time of entry, and your TAC signal ID at the time of the scan – to A central server controlled by the state. This central computer will be responsible for cross-referencing the data and preventing potential communication cases. The data will not be kept for more than 14 days, a period that corresponds to the quarantine period.
  • There are never zero risks in cybersecurity, but the potential scenarios for misuse of the system seem extremely challenging. All this in exchange for more than moderate spoils (see when you were in such-and-such place).
  • For the above reasons, if you want to participate in the contact tracing scheme, Prefer QR-Code over the reminder book. The paper copy of the contact tracing system asks for information, surname, first name and contact method (phone, email). This personal data is often poorly protected by restaurant owners. They are there Access Sometimes you inadvertently allow access to other clients.

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