Free Computer Games: Steam Re-master a great adventure

Free Computer Games: Steam Re-master a great adventure

It often happens every week Free games offered by Steam And other platforms. Today is one of those days because the well-known site Valve owns is happy to offer another weird address. Today it is a modified version of a real masterpiece that we definitely invite you to download and play until you drop. We are talking about Samorost 1A very short adventure that will remain engraved in your heart.

Samorost 1 is a point-and-click graphical adventure created by Jakub Dvorský. The first game in the series, Samorost, was originally published in 2003 on the Amanita Design website as a free browser game, due to the success released for PC. Made by Telltale Games. Although not a single word was mentioned in About 15 minutes, What good or bad is the time it takes to fully finish, we’ll accompany us through weird verses and some choppy musical accompaniment.

The title is found, despite its short duration A huge success among fans and critics With really excellent scores directly on Steam. In short, Samorost 1 is The latest of the many games offered by Valve’s own platform, We leave you Address below Which will take you directly to the dedicated page. We don’t know how long the show will last, but we invite you to take advantage of it to avoid leaving it empty-handed.

We also inform you that the two paid followers are always on Steam, as many of the games are either to be tried or should be taken into consideration anyway. Let us know what you think of this little masterpiece by commenting below in the dedicated section. For any other games offered by Steam and From other storesWe invite you to stay informed on our pages.

If you like photo adventures, To this amazon address You can recover Telltale’s masterpiece, The Walking Dead.

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