What NZ Sports Men and Women Earn a Lot?

Richest NZ Athletes in History

Sports in New Zealand are quite prominent. They drive fans to the stadiums and they compel fans to place the occasional flutter at the best bookmakers New Zealand available to them. Sports is an opportunity for people to come together and enjoy themselves as part of a bigger community, and people do love to be a part of this community one way or another.

So, for those who truly appreciate sports in New Zealand, a quick list of the richest athletes in the country’s history will definitely come handy! As it turns out, there are many successful athletes in the country, and we take a look at who they are.

1. Lydia Ko

Lydia Ko is a famous golfer from New Zealand and she has been killing it. The young ace is only 22 years old but she’s already worth $95 million and has been an inspiring example of how a female athlete can achieve fame and stature in sports that eclipses most male competitors from the country. Ko’s career is only getting started, but she’s unlikely to slow down any time soon owing to her unique talent and rigorous training routine that enables her to stay on top of the pecking order in what she does.

2. Steven Adams

Steven Adams is a New Zealand professional basketball player who is not worth that much – yet – but is definitely an important part of the country’s top richest athletes. His current wealth is put at anything around $20 million and while he has been looking to increase it, it seems Adams’ love for playing basketball is truly what drives him forward.  For people who are new to the NBA, the first years are quite formative as their wealth grows exponentially over the coming years of their career.

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3. Steve Williams

Steve Williams isn’t exactly an athlete, but he has been a caddy for several of the best golfers out there, including Tiger Woods. This alone gave him the status of one of the best-paid athletes in New Zealand at one point which is in itself quite surprising. His net worth is estimated to be at least $20 million and he did it while advising and supporting golfers who have been able to conquer the top echelons of their sport.

4. Sonny Bill Williams

Sonny Bill Williams is a bit of a national point of pride. The man is as controversial as he’s beloved. His net worth is put anything around $35 million today and he has been both a rugby player and a boxer. Williams is known to people around the world for his early-day career and his rather daring-do lifestyle in his 20s which he has apologized for since.

Williams is a family man today and one of the best earning sports people in New Zealand. His love for various athletic contests is a source of national pride and he has been a role model for many youngsters growing up looking to be a part of the athletic competitions in the country.

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