Castres affronte Toulouse dans la première demi-finale du Top 14

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The weather is going to boil at the Allianz Riviera in Nice! On Friday (9:05 pm), the stadium will host the first semi-final of the best 14 matches between them caster And the Toulouse. Derby on neutral ground for these two historic rivals who have chosen contradictory fates this season. An almost cartoonish-style opposition between Castres, the Tarn sub-district with its 40,000 inhabitants, and Toulouse, the powerful capital of the Occitanie region and its impressive track record.

However, CO2, for the first time in its history, finished the regular stage at the top of the standings after remaining undefeated on its home soil. Castries also has the advantage of being fresher than Toulouse, with only two games played for a month and a half, versus five for the red and black teams.

After only being deprived of his Canadian third streak Tyler Ardron, CO could suffer a lack of rhythm against Toulouse who had a top-level performance last weekend in the playoff against new European champions from La Rochelle (33-28). The defending champion lost his third international streak, François Kroos, injured a knee, but regained New Zealand’s right-hand column Charlie Fomoena, from suspension.

It will also have two players in its ranks, one perhaps more motivated than the others: third streak Anthony Gillonch and the other half Antoine Dupont, who were revealed in Castries before moving 80 kilometers to Toulouse.

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