What is Tiny11, the famous Windows 11 “Lite” worth?

What is Tiny11, the famous Windows 11 “Lite” worth?

We tested Tiny11, also known as Windows 11 Lite. Created by an independent developer, this particular version of the system aims to be as light as possible, to better match smaller machines. However, the system is unofficial, which causes many problems.

Why such a project? Because Windows 11, which is no more greedy than Windows 10, requires a newer and more powerful configuration to function. We’ve talked many times about these so-called artificial elements, such as the TPM 2.0 chip.

Microsoft has never really justified these commitments, but we suspect it’s better to evoke the secure Windows 11 fleet. Even if it means isolating themselves from a whole lot of machines, because many of them don’t even have a supported processor. In our case, for example, a computer with Core i5 6500 (four cores, 3.2 GHz) was not enough, although it was intended for Windows 10.

Based on these observations, the developer NTDEV (to whom we also owe Tiny10) embarked on a project: to offer a version of Windows 11 that is lighter and gets rid of what inhibits it (“bloat”). From there Tiny11 was born, which is not just a cleanup tool, but a specific version of Windows, presented as an ISO image. We tried it in different conditions.

Before we go any further, let us insist on one point: this version is not supported in any way by Microsoft and therefore we use it at our own risk. We’ll come back later.

In addition, it is not a “cracked” version of Windows, and the license remains mandatory.

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How to install Tiny11

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