EA Sports F1 23: Release Date, Modes, Cars… New Details Leaked!  |  Xbox One

EA Sports F1 23: Release Date, Modes, Cars… New Details Leaked! | Xbox One

As the Azerbaijan Grand Prix takes place at the Baku circuit this weekend, today we are dealing with new leaks regarding EA Sports F1 23.

Various F1 info leaked 23

These leaks that mainly come from
Insider games
indicating that the game will introduce a new hub this year called F1 worldwhich will collect all the features of multiplayer.

A new car improvement system will also appear, allowing players to earn new parts by winning races or completing challenges.

These parts improve the vehicle’s performance, but they can also be sold for in-game currency. You can also call on different strategists or sponsors to improve your team’s performance.

It is also specified that the text mode breaking point, which was introduced in F1 2021 but absent from opus 2022, will return this year. The overall display plus HUD will be closer to what can be found during Grands-Prix telecasts.

Released in June?

Note that the leaks also point to a new licensing system that rewards sportsmanship for online players, as well as the availability of a new Las Vegas arena and Qatar since the game’s launch.

Another rumor that comes to us is the release date of the game. According to @bilbil-kun, all in all, EA Sports F1 23 will be released on June 16, 2023. Several editions will be available for pre-order including an edition Champions Which will provide three days early access.

Of course, none of this information is official and we’ll have to wait for a call from Electronic Arts to find out if the new features mentioned above will be in the game.

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Also, remember that F1 23 will soon have a closed beta, as we mentioned recently.

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