What is Hakka All Blacks Team, New Zealand Team?

What is Hakka All Blacks Team, New Zealand Team?

today d Reviews the greatest achievement of French rugby. On October 31, 1999, in the Rugby World Cup semi-finals, against all odds, the French team put the mash up against the unstoppable New Zealanders, the All Blacks.

“You know why they were summoned all black ? Because they mourn their opponents,” explains Jean-Michel Rascoll, Editor-in-Chief and Vice President of Sports at RTL, in a microphone Today d.

“Besides, four months before this match, in Wellington, the French were destroyed by blacks. And they may have had Draw in this defeat Reasons why you could win this particular semi-final,” continues Jean-Michel Rascoll. It’s such an honor to play it (Team All Blacks, editor’s note) because They are masters of the game, So trying to compete with them is necessarily a performance,” he describes.

he is tradition With the All Blacks before every match starts, it’s the Hakka. heard in today d ‘is version kamatethe version is less warlike than the version to be recited later by subsequent generations, notably Kappa or bangu And he is the meanest”, identifies Jean-Michel Rascoll. And on October 31, 1999, “Because there was a Hakka, the French decided to sing again French national anthem (…) Not to continue this warrior song.”

Hakka is a Maori song accompanied by great dance (…) There is something very warlike with the haka and it is a very offensive dance, explains Flavi Fliment. The purpose of the Hakka is destabilize the opponent and “to get motivated to go into battle,” “it’s the only team At the international level they were allowed to utter this warrior song before an international encounter”, concludes Jean-Michel Rascoll.

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