England and Ireland striker, a well-known sports YouTuber

England and Ireland striker, a well-known sports YouTuber

The hook was not treated by security at the time of the England and Ireland anthem, Saturday during the fourth day of the Six Nations Championship, at its first attempt. Daniel Jarvis, better known by the pseudonym “Jarvo69” on the Internet, has been talked about many times on the sports field.

I stopped between England and Ireland, Saturday, on behalf of the fourth day of the Six Nations Championship (15-32). However, the most commented processing on social networks did not take place in reality. A streak appeared on Twickenham’s grass at the time of the chant, before security violently sent him to the ground. A small moment of glory for Daniel Jarvis, the name of this naughty, who nevertheless was not his first achievement.

Britannqiue, better known by her nickname “Jarvo69” on the web, has 170,000 subscribers on Youtube and 43,000 on Instagram. En postant sa courte apparition sur la pelouse de Twickenham sur la célèbre plateforme de vidéo, il a d’ailleurs ironisé sur l’issue de son petit happening: “Le grand Jarvo69 fait ses débuts internationaux dans le rugby anglais se passe mai passe As expected.”

The All Blacks scrum-half is a fan

as pointed out the teamAnd the This isn’t the first time the rugby world has seen this face, as ‘Jarvo69’ actually managed to slip alongside the All Blacks last November, before doing the same with Team Japan a few days later. At the time, he even caught the attention of Brad Webber, the New Zealand half. “Where is Jarvo69? I want to drink beer with him,” Enjoy All Black.

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The British troublemaker doesn’t just own the feats of guns on the rugby pitch. Last September, he was “portrayed” through a small altercation with Johnny Bairstow, the England cricket star, during a meeting between England and India. When he reached his peak after running along the length of the field, Jarvo69 slightly collided with the English player, which did not please the latter at all.

The gesture resulted in Daniel Jarvis being banned for life from Headingley Stadium. Perhaps he recovered well, and soon found a new stadium.

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