What does the N symbol mean on your Android device and why is it worth activating it

What does the N symbol mean on your Android device and why is it worth activating it

Your phone screen may display an “N” in the upper right near the clock. Here's what it means.

All mobile phones have different sections of the screen where the operating system displays information so that the phone owner knows what is happening on their device. If we look at the upper area, where the time and the name of the operator are located, different icons appear, each for specific functions active at that moment. This area is called the “status area”. Sometimes it presents information that may arouse curiosity.

Besides the clock (right) and SIM card holder (left), all Android devices place icons at the top of the screen to identify what's running on the phone. If you have mobile data, you'll see the connection type (4G, 5G…) as well as the signal strength; With WiFi, a wave symbol appears; With Bluetooth, the letter “B” and sometimes the letter “N” appear in your status box. This means that your Android device's NFC is activated. But be careful, most modern mobile phones generally do not display this code if NFC is activated.

NFC is a short-range wireless communication (it is designed for near-field communication, hence “near field communication”). Its main use is mobile payment: every time you bring your Android device closer to a payment terminal to pay a bill, you are using NFC. If the letter “N” does not appear in the status box, the option may be disabled.

Enabling or not NFC uses minimal battery, carries no risk (no one will charge you a card by holding a device close to your phone) and allows you to expand the use of the technology beyond the aforementioned mobile payments. For example, configuring NFC tags is a very useful way to expand the phone's capabilities.

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Don't like the letter “N” in the status area of ​​your Android device and/or want to disconnect NFC? If you're used to paying with a mobile phone, it's best to keep it turned on, as this will be more convenient and faster for each payment, but it also won't be as exciting if you unplug it. Heres how to do it:

1. Go to Android Settings.
2. Go to “Connected devices”.
3. Enter Call Preferences.
4. Go to “NFC” and turn it off.
5. You can also enable or disable it from Quick Settings, which are the buttons that appear when you pull down the notification area. If you don't have NFC there, add it from the options, in the pencil icon.
6. Alternatively, you can type “NFC” in the settings finder, this way ensuring a universal way to enter its configuration.

There's no harm in enabling it and it will be faster this way, as you won't have to turn the connection on and off. As we said, its consumption is negligible and does not entail any risks either.

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