What do you think of the smartphone interface?

What do you think of the smartphone interface?

Huawei has revealed an official preview of the HarmonyOS smartphone interface. Process, ergonomics, design: what do you think? That’s the whole point of our survey this week.

HarmonyOS on smartphone

Smartphone HarmonyOS sur // Source: Huawei

The field of mobile operating systems, now shared between Android and iOS, will welcome the newcomer: HarmonyOS. This novelty, imagined and developed by Huawei, constitutes an internal alternative to the US ban, which in particular prevents it from using the services of Google, which is very much appreciated by European users, among others.

HarmonyOS, show an official preview

HarmonyOS is not just a system for smartphones: it will call itself on a whole host of devices. However, the Chinese giant took advantage of an event entirely dedicated to its operating system to reveal an official preview of the interface that will be invited to Huawei P50 and P50 Pro in the future.

Concretely, what should we expect? HarmonyOS in particular highlights the communication between devices through a unified gateway to connect your smartphone to everything with a range of devices through a very simplified process, according to Huawei. You should also expect a lot of tools (some of them ” Upon request “Intelligent and highly customizable case management.

What do you think of HarmonyOS for smartphones?

Within HarmonyOS, smartphone and tablet will provide a unified experience as well. By connecting the two devices, you can see from the tablet the open application on the phone. Feel free to refer to our dedicated article, Which summarizes in more detail each component presented.

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So in this context we wanted to know your opinion about the HarmonyOS interface for smartphones.


HarmonyOS: What do you think of the smartphone interface?

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