Does the presentation at E3 2021 have a possible date?  -

Geoff Keighley suggests that it will be presented at the Summer Games Festival –

journalist Jeff Kelly Post a somewhat encrypted tweet indicating there is Sheikh’s ring In the Summer Games Festival, at least according to the explanation given by the most ardent fans of the Japanese software house and its most convinced followers.

Keighley’s tweet only has one me me, the classic animated GIF with writing, where you can see a baby panda trying to escape from a cage. At the bottom of the animation you can read “I will be free!” (Traded. I’ll be free).

It’s hard to decipher the reference if you don’t know Keighley’s background. over the last Game prizes, which dates back to December 2020, showed nothing from FromSoftware despite being mentioned on stage and thus has been placed in a perfect prison by frustrated gamers. So the meme indicates his release, due to the possible presence of Elden Ring at the Summer Games Festival.

Keighley in prison

Elden Ring’s attendance at the Summer Games Festival was also suggested by the inevitable Jeff Grubb, who also responded to Keighely’s tweet giving him the perfect wink of understanding. what I say? Let’s hope it’s really there, so we can finally see the game in action.

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