What do we know about the end date.. Questions / answers about the month of fasting

Ramadan. Astrological calculations have already indicated that the end date of Ramadan 2022 is still the subject of a traditional announcement. It will be held at the end of “Night of Doubt” in the Great Mosque of Paris. Questions and answers about the month of fasting.


  • there “Night of DoubtThe end of Ramadan will be on Saturday evening, April 30th.
  • It is the Great Mosque of Paris, associated with the Coordination of Four Muslim Federations (FFAIACA, GMP, MF and RMF), which organizes the lunar observation on the night of doubt. Then the Theological Committee meets to confirm (or not) the end date of the month of Ramadan indicated by astronomical calculations several months ago, and thus the dateEid al-FitrMushroom feast.
  • The main representative body of Muslims in France, the CFCM, has spoken based on famous astrological calculations.
  • According to astrological calculations, Ramadan 2022 / 1443 (the current year in the Hijri calendar) is expected to last 30 days this year, Expires Monday 2 May With the celebration of Eid al-Fitr (Iftar) for 4 to 5 million Muslims in France.
  • big Paris Mosque He had also indicated in March on the basis of astronomical calculations that the date of Eid al-Fitr had been set on May 2. The end date of Ramadan will likely be confirmed as May 2 on the Night of Doubt on Saturday.
  • Here are answers to some key questions about Ramadan.

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What are the questions and ideas that should be avoided with those who fast during Ramadan?

More recently, La Voix du Nord has taken an interest in questions and reflections “Muslims are tired of hearing” during Ramadan. Here are some examples: “You still have the right to drink, I hope?” , “Do you eat in secret?” , “I couldn’t…”, or even “You’re not really feeling well…”.

What are the dates of Ramadan in the next few years?

According to astronomical calculations, Ramadan 2023 will take place from Thursday, March 23 to Friday, April 21, and Ramadan 2024 from Monday, March 11 to Tuesday, April 9. The date may change by one day, depending on whether the crescent moon moon beginning of the month.

How many days contains the lunar Hijri calendar on which the month of Ramadan is based?

Unlike the Gregorian calendar, the administratively used calendar in France, which has 365 days, lunar calendar Hijri calendar 354 or 355 days. This is why the start date of Ramadan “regresses” by 10 to 12 days each year.

Why is the lunar calendar that Ramadan depends on called the “Hijri calendar”?

The Islamic calendar, which is based on the lunar cycle, is called the “Hijri calendar”. Ramadan is the ninth month. The term “Hijri” refers to the migration of the Muslim prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina.

What is the significance of Ramadan fasting?

Fasting (Sawm) is described precisely in the Qur’an. During Ramadan, Muslims are advised not to eat, drink, smoke and have intercourse between dawn and dusk. In general, asceticism pertains to all behavior considered contrary to Islam. This entry is to celebrate the month in which the Bible was revealed Mohammed. At night, celebrations (including meals) are permitted, if not encouraged. Iftar is a key moment: many Muslims gather at home, cultural centers or mosques to share food.

Why does the start and end time of fasting change during Ramadan?

Once Ramadan is officially launched, observant Muslims check the times of sunrise and sunset. Because these develop throughout the holy month. How is that possible ? As everyone knows, the days grow between the winter solstice and the summer solstice, which falls roughly around December 21 and June 21. From this second date, the phenomenon is reversed. The beginning and end of fasting and prayer times are directly affected by this phenomenon.

How do you wish Ramadan 2022? Here is the correct formula

Wish “Happy Ramadan” to loved ones, family members or friends, you should say or write”Ramadan MubarakThe meaning of the expression is very simple, it amounts to saying that we want this period of fasting to pass as much as possible for the one who performs it.

What is breakfast?

Iftar is the iftar meal eaten every evening during Ramadan. Tradition includes making it as festive and friendly a moment as possible, with friends, family and even new get-togethers.

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The end of Ramadan 2022 AH (1443 AD) estimated at Monday 2 May 2022 in France. Even the Great Mosque of Paris was written in black on white, In a press release published in March, that Eid al-Fitr, the end of the month of Ramadan, came on this date of May 2. A lunar month can last 29 or 30 days. However, according to the Grand Mosque of Paris, which is associated with the Coordination of Four Muslim Federations (FFAIACA, GMP, MF and RMF) in its press release, “Accurate astrological calculations confirm that the conjunction will take place on Saturday, April 29. 2022 at 23:28 GMT and therefore The month of Ramadan will last for thirty days.” These accounts refer to the crescent of Shawwal for the year 1443 AH. CFCM, the representative body ofIslam In France, from which four Muslim federations were divided in 2021, history confirmed itself.

The Mosque of Paris generally agrees with the astronomical dates of Ramadan 2022 (1443) in France after observing the moon during the Night of Doubt. You should know that two methods coexist in France to mark the beginning of Ramadan: traditional observations of the moon and astronomical calculations. In a press release issued on March 15 titled “Announcing the Beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan,” the meeting of the Coordination of National Muslim Federations (FFAICA, GMP, MF and RMF) at the Great Mosque of Paris, specified that these two methods are: “complementary.” On this point she adds that during the “Night of Doubt”, the Theological Committee for Coordination (…) takes into account the results of the work on the adoption of scientific calculation and world astronomical data to determine the beginning. and the end of the blessed month of Ramadan.

During the month of fasting, Muslims honor five prayers a day: Fajr, Dhuhr, Aser, Maghreb, Aish. Ramadan Calendar allows you to know the times of the respective prayers.

Regarding the representation of Muslims in France, an important change occurred in March 2021, with the split between the French Council of Muslim Worship, the institution representing the Islamic faith in France and four of the former Muslim Federations (the famous FFAIACA, GMP, MF and RMF). Since that thunder in the sky of Islam in France, The French Council of the Muslim Faith is once again relying on scientific data to formalize the dates of Ramadan several weeks in advance. It’s too The method of work It was followed by the French Islamic Religious Council (CTMF, a body of imams who are particularly close to the Muslim Brotherhood, but do not replace the representative bodies).

Another recent development is that the four splinter federations of the CFCM created the “National Council of Imams” at the end of November 2021. The Elysée submitted this request to the CFCM in the fall of 2020, as part of the fight against radical and radical Islam. “Separatism”. So, the four confederations that gained their independence wish to “name” the imams who practice their profession in France themselves, a role that the CFCM actually opposes as being associated with it. 20 minutes.

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