46°C in Delhi, 50°C in Jacobabad... A severe heat wave hits India and Pakistan

46°C in Delhi, 50°C in Jacobabad… A severe heat wave hits India and Pakistan

This phenomenon is most worrying because it is early, summer has not yet begun.

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India and Pakistan Khanaqin. Both countries have been dealing with a heat wave since March and it’s not over yet: lMeteorologists expect temperatures in Delhi to reach 46°C on Thursday, April 28, 48°C in Rajasthan, up to 50°C in Jacobabad. Authorities advise vulnerable people to avoid going out.

The mega-city of more than 20 million people recorded a high of 40.1 degrees in March, the highest temperature recorded for that month in the capital since 1946. It is a phenomenon that is more disturbing than ever, as summer has not yet begun. Temperature forecasts are similar to those seen during the deadly heat waves that hit India and Pakistan in May and June 2015, killing at least 4,500 people.

“The current heat wave in India is getting hotter due to climate change as a result of human activities such as burning coal and other fossil fuels.”explain Climatologist Frederick Otto. “This is now the case for every heat wave, everywhere in the world. Until net greenhouse gas emissions are over, heat waves in India and elsewhere will continue to get hotter and more dangerous.”

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