What do we know about the attacker?

What do we know about the attacker?


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Knife attack in Sydney: what do we know about the attacker?

Knife attack in Sydney: what do we know about the attacker?

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Six people were killed in a stabbing attack at a shopping center in Sydney, Australia, on Saturday (April 13), and several others were injured. What is the biography of the attacker who was shot dead by police?

A tribute to the victims of a nation that still wakes up in shock, Sunday, April 14. Bouquets of flowers were left a few meters away from the attack that killed six people the day before in Sydney (Australia). “It shocked me so badly“, says a resident. At around 4 p.m., on Saturday, April 13, a man armed with a knife attacked people who were in his way in a shopping mall. A few minutes later, police shot the attacker dead.

There is no ideological motivation

According to authorities, Joel Cauchi, 40, is the one whose photo was widely published by local media. The image of an unbalanced man who acted alone emerges. “It wasn't his gesture.”Motivated by a certain ideology“, according to Roger Lowe, Deputy Commissioner of the Queensland Police Service.“We know that the perpetrator in this case suffered and continues to suffer from mental health issues.”He explained.

The man was known to police but was never arrested. He was originally from neighboring Queensland and had just arrived in the area.

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