How did the United States help stop the Iranian attack on Israel?

How did the United States help stop the Iranian attack on Israel?

Two American F-16 fighters.
Jam Sta Rosa/AFP

Washington used ships, planes, and Patriot missiles to neutralize a large part of the attack launched by Tehran.

The unprecedented Iranian attack on Israel using hundreds of drones and missiles was the culmination of two weeks of tensions, during which Washington made great efforts to prevent the region from igniting.

Destroyed the United States with the support of European destroyers “More than 80” Drones and “At least six ballistic missiles aimed at hitting Israel from Iran and Yemen”The US Army's Central Command (CENTCOM) said on Sunday.

During the Iranian attack

A US military official said about 100 medium-range ballistic missiles, more than 30 cruise missiles and at least 150 attack drones targeted Israel from Iran.

Two American ships are in the areaUSS Arleigh Burke And theUSS CarneySix missiles were destroyed before the planes moved, which in turn led to the destruction of more than 70 Iranian drones. A battery of Patriot missiles shot down another cruise missile not far from the Iraqi city of Erbil in Kurdistan.

US President Joe Biden spent Saturday evening following the events live in the famous “situation room,” the White House operations room.

“We estimate that more than a hundred missiles were approaching at the same time at any given time. The results of the defensive actions were of course unclear until the matter was over.An official present at the site said, describing the tense atmosphere.

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The Iranian attack aims to respond to the strike carried out by Israel on April 1 against the Tehran consulate in Damascus, in which seven members of the Revolutionary Guard were killed, including two generals. Iran immediately confirmed that the strike would not go unanswered.

Senior American officials were briefed on the attack on Damascus during a visit by the Israeli ambassador and the military attaché at the White House, according to a US administration official. “We did not participate in this strike, but we knew it would have consequences.”he added.

In the following days, President Biden called on the government to do so “Defend Israel as much as possible” And ensure that the means that allow this are published, in accordance with directives from Washington.

American preparations

Before the Iranian attack, US officials, including Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, stayed on “Always in touch” With Israel and with other countries in the region.

General Eric Kurella, head of the military command responsible for the Middle East, visited the site several times, providing real-time information while ensuring coordination with Israel and other regional partners.

The United States was also in contact with Iran via… “A series of direct communications transmitted by Switzerland”An American official added.

Additional forces have also been deployed to the region “to enhance regional deterrence and protect U.S. forces,” according to the Department of Defense.

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