Wellington's cat glove is among the favorites in 'New Zealander 2020'

Wellington’s cat glove is among the favorites in ‘New Zealander 2020’

Auckland – The King of Wellington may be the Person of the Year 2020. The Prime Minister challenges him Jacinda Ardern, Hugely popular and likable health manager Ashley Bloomfield, Face of the bulletin of Covid, and the famous microbiologist.

The glove is a small Angora cat with red dots. He has a house to sleep in but spends the day wandering around Wellington, making passers-by and merchants happy. Because he is a special cat. He goes to the stores, takes the kids to school, and enters the library, lying on the desks, as if he’s reading too. It became a kind of lucky charm. Whoever encounters the gloves “feels blessed”. The mayor approved the mood of his countrymen by giving them the keys to the city. Before him, director of “Lord of the Rings” Peter Jackson.

His Facebook page has 50,000 followers, who peek at the “king’s” daily cat adventures every day. The Wellington Museum has dedicated a small exhibition to it: Soft and Famous. New Zealand’s best player will be announced in 2021, and meanwhile the gloves are appearing in newspapers around the world.

The prime minister is on the list for her proven effectiveness in emergency management, the epidemiologist for the clarity with which she kept New Zealanders informed of the virus day in and day out, and gloves to bring lightness, laughter and happiness to the population.

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