America's Cup, Oakland surrenders in the regattas stadiums

America’s Cup, Oakland surrenders in the regattas stadiums

In the end, the Auckland Port Authority changed its mind and granted the use of Regatta B and C fields for the duration of the Copa America, and thus the Prada Cup as well. First, however, there was a new ruling by the arbitrators, which effectively rejected the Emirates Airline New Zealand team’s appeal.

The battle

On the one hand, there were the Challengers, Luna Rossa in the lead, who requested the use of Fields B and C also in the Prada Cup, opposing the Port Authority’s objection due to sea traffic, which only kept them for the final. America’s Cup match: an act that the opponents calculated gave the defender an advantage, who – this is their accusation – would have concealed it. Hence the competitors’ appeal for the referees, the victory in the court, and then the judgment was appealed by the Emirates Airline New Zealand team, which requested new mediation from the arbitration panel.

Once again the judges

“We do not agree that the question of whether or not B and C race courses will be included is appropriate for mediation. We do not wish to engage in further litigation, especially as we focus on preparations for the first series of races in December 2020.” The main step the Ineos Uk team signed and submitted to the jury.

practically, The British declared that there had been no further mediation by the Rulers regarding the dispute in Fields B and C. At this stage, if one of the parties involved has abandoned the mediation, the judges will take a note and return the pens to the case: the appeal period submitted by the Emirates Airline New Zealand team has expired and the arbitration panel withdraws, postponing the previous decision to resolve the case: Who said that Fields B and C will be used either in the Prada Cup and America’s Cup, or in either of the two competitions.

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The turning point

But the real turn happened on the (Italian) night, when the Port Authority did.

The official announcement came from Ports of Auckland Tony Gibson CEO: “We wanted fans to enjoy the Copa America as much as possible, so we looked again at the impact of racing on port operations. The situation has changed dramatically since January. Since cruise ships can no longer visit Auckland, we now believe we can successfully manage cargo operations even with the shipping channel of the race closed. We will work with shipping companies to ensure minimal impact on their operations and to keep cargo flowing in Auckland. “

what does that mean? The Port Authority is retracing its steps and removing the previous ban on fields “B” and “C” in Auckland Ports So he grants another 10 official competition days and six days in reserve during the Robin Tour and the Prada Cup semi-final, Ensure that all tracks are available to all teams.

I’m Kiwi

At night comes the notice of the Emirates Airline New Zealand team. CEO Grant Dalton thanks Ports of Auckland for “understanding what was at stake for the people of New Zealand, the global television audience and spectators who could watch the races from the ground.” “ Tony and his team – says Dalton – came to the aid of the Emirates Airline, New Zealand and America’s Limited Cup team To fulfill a promise we made years ago, to make this America’s Cup the most accessible and inclusive event ever. “

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In the memo, the Kiwis announced the matter, in addition to starting an appeal for the new mediation of the arbitration panel, they also started in parallel (they and the Ace, which is the executive arm of organizing events) Request to Ports of Auckland for an alternative solution Which allowed the use of fields B and C, closer to the ground, and thus natural runways in regattas for many spectators. It should be remembered that the New Zealand team always mentioned that they also suffered from the Port Authority decision to ban the fields.

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