We'll have 30 soul mates each, according to science!

We’ll have 30 soul mates each, according to science!

Like 56% of French singles, do you think only one person is destined for you in terms of love… and you despair at the thought of finding it? Good news: according to an English mathematician’s analysis of the Badoo dating app, we will have about 30 people SoulmatesOnly in France! This therefore increases the chances of meeting his soulmate.

30 times more likely to find true love

“I always thought he was there Many “elected” possible for all of us. Bobby Siegel, who wrote the book, explains, among other things, the concept of the only ideal partner among billions of people on this planet is computationally unlikely. The life-changing magic of numbers.

To ensure this, the mathematician calculated the odds of finding a (really) compatible partner, based on 12 workers, such as age group, gender, average city size, percentage of individuals, relationship success rate, etc. The result: every French person will have 30 Soulmate in the country.

Openness and honesty increase the chances of finding a partner.

Estimate reassuring more than one since منذ 30% Singles say they feel Pressure About the idea of ​​losing true love, according to a survey conducted by OnePoll last April. Anyway, that’s what Bobby Seagull wishes: “I hope this study helps people feel more optimistic about their love journey.”

“Everyone is different, so unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule, but the fact of being open And the honest You should increase the chances of finding a sports partner – note that mathematics does not take into account chemistry and attractiveness during personal meeting,” concludes the scientist.

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Soulmate: indicates that this is the “right” person

Now that you know the odds of meeting your soul mate, you still have to figure out how to identify them. According to several psychologists he interviewed Huffington Post, The Telecommunications It is one of the first signs that this person is right for you. Not only do you love to exchange with each other, and dialogue, but you can also get to know what the other is thinking without necessarily having to talk.

You feel a kind of connection between yourselves that you can’t explain with words, and you just do Comfortable In the presence of the other – without the need for make-up to please yourself. over there mutual respect in the relationship and do not try to change the other or correct any “flaws”. However, you challenge each other, and inspire yourself to be the best version of yourself.

Finally, you’re not necessarily the perfect class for your husband: you have many points in common of course, but also Differences that make you complement each other. You don’t have the same opinion about everything either, which is much better, as this allows you not to indulge in boredom. but you share Shared values that allow you to move in the same direction.

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