A culture of resentment that undermines the possibility of forming society

A culture of resentment that undermines the possibility of forming society

TRIBUNE – The historian* deconstructs the foundations of a strict regime that not only imposes itself in higher education and research, but advances in cultural circles and within very large corporations. This attack is dangerous because it deviates from science, and dangerous because it makes any civil engagement impossible.

It has been four months since the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Frédéric Vidal, announced an investigation into Islamic leftism at the university. Since that date, there has been no news of the announced report. As if the cries of Urs prompted, from petitions to press releases, by hundreds of academics, the conference
The presidents of the universities and the National Council for Scientific Research on top, in the name of “academic freedom” and the “lack of” of the aforementioned Islamic left – contradictory arguments moreover – immediately overcame ministerial anxiety. More: instead
To be satisfied with this hidden burial, some protesters have just filed an appeal to the Council of State against Frédéric Vidal’s initiative, apparently, to make him pay for his initial inclination.

However, this extra enthusiasm is likely to be counterproductive. Courageous Voices (Pascal Bruckner, Pierre-Andre Taguyev, Philippe Derbearn, Natalie Heinich, Mathieu Boc-Cottier,

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