Wednesday Cinema - documentary films made in Ebersburg - Ebersburg

Wednesday Cinema – documentary films made in Ebersburg – Ebersburg

Wednesday cinema:Documentaries Made in Ebersberg

Alte Kino is showing three award-winning works by amateur directors Ilke and Toni Ackstaller from Ebersberg on Wednesday, March 24, in a live broadcast. Then there is cinematic talk. Ackstallers are well-traveled amateur filmmakers who go on to win awards with their documentaries. The last time Ebersbergers were on the road in Chile and Argentina. Tony Axtal’s film “Witnesses of Primitive Times” was a crowd favorite at the Dortmund Film Club Open Competition and won first prize at the Bavarian State Film Festival. In Argentina, we learn in the documentary, that most of the skeletons of prehistoric creatures have been found: the barren landscapes have already revealed many things from the past due to erosion. Faded graphics show how giant lizards could have lived there. “Douglas Tompkins’ Legacy” by Elke Axeler is a documentary about southern Chile and American environmental activist and environmental entrepreneur Douglas Tomkins. Ebersberg’s author won an online Dortmund competition and a second prize at the State Film Festival. “150 Shades of Green” was created in New Zealand in 2017 and won a UNICA Award at the Festival of Nations in Lenzing am Attersee, which means “Best Unprofessional Film”. Wednesday Cinema works Shown. Tickets are also available there. It starts at 8:30 pm. The online platform will start at 8.15pm. sz

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