"We win well"

“We win well”

Axl May, Editing by Antoine Terrell
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8:06 AM, November 21, 2021

By largely winning over New Zealand on Saturday night at the Stade de France, France 15 pleased their fans, and stored precious confidence in their preparation for the 2023 World Cup, which will be disputed in France.


A great evening of French rugby. Saturday, at the Stade de France, in front of 80,000 spectators, The fifteenth of France achieved a remarkable feat by beating New Zealand (40-25). First victory against the All Blacks since 2009, and in style, the Blues have not overtaken the three world champions by such a gap.


Upon exiting the stadium, the spectators who met Europe 1 had the feeling that they had attended one of these matches that make history for the game of tricolor rugby. “It was intense,” says one fan. “I left my tears there.” Another recalls: “They are usually the ones who put 40 dots in our heads at a time.” “So there is a good feeling.”

Leading 24-6 in the first half, the French panicked an hour later when the Blacks came back with a two-point lead. But the Blues were mobilized again and thus won 40 to 25. The attempts were signed by Peato Mauvaka twice as well as Romain Ntamack and Damien Penaud. And Melvin Jaminette kicked all the other points.

“Enjoy men”

“Really, just a pleasure to come into this stadium and see the Hakka, it was really phenomenal,” the latter confirms to the Europe 1 microphone. “And after winning the match… I think we won in a good way. All the players who were on the pitch had fun.”

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Delight and confidence in the long preparations that must take France XV until the World Cup 2023, which was played on its soil with the opening match … France and New Zealand.

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