Huge strandings of pilot dolphins in New Zealand, about thirty cetaceans died

Huge strandings of pilot dolphins in New Zealand, about thirty cetaceans died

New Zealand’s coasts continue to see cetaceans swaying. At least 31 experimental dolphins died this week on the beach after getting stuck in the sand. A phenomenon that scientists still misunderstand, but it may be natural.

It is a loss of marine biodiversity. Experimental dolphins washed up on a New Zealand beach this week, according to a report BBC And many media. The losses are heavy: at least 31 cetaceans were declared dead, after they were found on Thursday, March 17th.

Unfortunately, a well-known place

Pilot dolphins are stranded on Farewell Spit Beach, three kilometers away. However, the rescuers managed to save five animals. But fate was cruel and the two of them were stranded again and had to be euthanized.

According to officials from the Environmental Department, Farewell Spit, the place where pilot dolphins were stranded would be familiar with the phenomenon. Scientists do not yet understand why these mammals cannot avoid the shore. But it would be, in all likelihood, a normal anomaly.

sands in question?

“It’s not an uncommon experience here in Golden Bay, given the area’s topography…it’s known to be one of the stranded hotspots,” Dave Winterburn of the Department of Conservation told our colleagues. “So we go through periods where we don’t have one, and then we have two in a row,” he adds.

to me BBCPilot dolphins are more prone to stranding. The species is not considered endangered, but the exact population numbers are unknown.

The Farewell Spit is actually a sinking spit in the Tasman Sea in the South Pacific Ocean. The latter generates shallow water. A condition that could undermine the sonar navigation systems of these animals. According to the authorities, there is no way, at present, to prevent these mass delinquencies.

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