“We should take Musk seriously. He is not a clown, but a leading geopolitical actor.”

“We should take Musk seriously. He is not a clown, but a leading geopolitical actor.”

analysis – Deciphering the political and ideological role of digital giants: this is the ambition of the researcher on the geopolitical issues of technology, who publishes a new article that is as enlightening as it is destabilizing.

She teaches at Columbia University (in New York), Science Po, and Polytechnic, where her expertise on the political issues of big tech companies, from X Corp to Meta via Neuralink and OpenAI, hits home. Asma Mahla has been keeping a close eye on them since she left her first job as an investment banking analyst ten years ago. Its rare acuity leads it to highlight the close links between governments and tech giants, which is the subject of the fascinating investigation I published on February 23. Technology policy. How technology makes us soldiers? (Ed. Sewell).

Her ability to clarify complex issues puts her in the orbit today, both in the media, where her voice is becoming more and more widespread (last summer on France Inter), and in the political and economic fields in which she consults. Through technological surveillance, and the capture of vast amounts of data…, the tech giants have established themselves as leading ideological players. Hence the necessity…

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