Trump launched his line of gold sneakers, and the Biden camp has found the perfect answer

Trump launched his line of gold sneakers, and the Biden camp has found the perfect answer

USA – After real estate, reality TV shows and politics, Donald Trump started wearing sneakers. The former US president launched his own sneaker brand on Saturday, February 17, a day after he was harshly convicted of financial fraud in his New York real estate business.

As you can see in our video at the top of the articleTo announce his new project, Donald Trump went to Sneaker Con in Philadelphia, a trade show for fans of trendy sneakers. ” You know, I've wanted to do this for a long time. “It's something I've been talking about for 12 or 13 years, and I think it's going to be a huge success.”Advertise to a very small audience.

He unveiled the flagship model of his brand: a gold high-top sneaker, surrounded by the American flag and a large T on the tongue. These very patriotic sneakers cost $399 (about 370 euros) and are simply titled: “The Never Surrender” sneakers “Ne Renonce Jamais” in French. They are limited to 1,000 pairs, and according to the official Gettrumpsneakers website, they have already sold out.

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The smell of victory

There are two other models of sneakers on the site, priced at $199 (185 euros), that also carry political messages: “T-Red Wave,” referring to “the Republican red wave that Trump dreamed of,” and “POTUS 45,” short for 45.H President of the United States. Even Donald Trump, who already sees himself as the 47th US president in 2024, is selling “Victory47” eau de cologne and eau de parfum for $99 (about €92).

But the Republican candidate mainly took advantage of Sneaker Con to try to attract potential new voters. Under the applause mixed with boos, remember the importance of this “Young people go to vote”. “This country is not in a very good situation, but we will turn things around quickly.”a promise, “And we will not forget the youth, we will remember Snicker Cone.”

The Biden camp was quick to respond to Donald Trump's new branding. The Biden campaign's communications director wanted to point out that the Republican is still far from victory. In an interview with Philadelphia InquirerMichael Tyler said: “By selling his faded copy of Off-White, Donald Trump will never be anywhere near Air Force Ones like that for the rest of his life.”.

A treatment that will speak to sneaker connoisseurs. The Off-White brand has collaborated with Nike to produce high-quality sneakers, the popular Air Force 1. The name of the famous Nike model is a reference to the US fleet of presidential jets. Among Republicans, as well as Democrats, it's all good to talk to the “youth.”

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