“We look forward to developing exports to Australia and New Zealand.”

“We look forward to developing exports to Australia and New Zealand.”

Vietnamese export company HS IIC has been operating since 2018, and the main export products are coconuts and dragon fruit, which are mainly grown in the south of the country, especially in Ben Tre Province and Long Year Province.

“We source coconuts and dragon fruit from local farmers, then pack them at our site before exporting to our customers. We have been exporting to Australia since 2021 in small quantities, and are looking to start exporting to New Zealand as well as to increase our exports to Australia,” explains Helly Nguyen, Director Company.

“In preparation, we are consulting with our producers to ensure they are able to supply the increased volumes, and we are always looking for long-term partnerships to ensure that we can rely on the quality and quantities required, as every month we can export at least two 40-foot containers.”

The company exports two types of coconuts. Diamond Coconut: It takes its name from the way it is cut. It comes from Ben Tre/Tian Giang Province, which is the best place in Vietnam to grow it. This region produces coconuts all year round because the climate is very hot and the rains are abundant.

EASY OPEN COCONUT: The coconut shell has been removed and an easy open key has been inserted so that consumers can open it like a can, so there is no need to cut it. The coconut can also be engraved with the company name if necessary.

“There are many chemicals that can be used to keep the coconut shell fresh and white for a long time. However, choosing the right type of high-quality food additives that are globally recognized in terms of food safety for export is very difficult. We only use materials An approved food portfolio that is fully certified in the list of international food safety standards.”

“Selection of coconut is very important and requires professional technicians to select the best coconut for shaving. If the coconut is not selected properly, there will be a huge risk during the cutting and shaving process, and this can lead to cracking of the coconut. We only select coconut Which complies with export standards.”

“The repair process is necessary for a professional profession, and we have many problems with our experience and experience with a high-quality product to replace orders. “Cold room.”

Coconut can be packed according to customer specifications and in their own branded boxes.

The fruit of love
Thanks to modern growing techniques in Vietnam, dragon fruit can be grown all year round. “It has been a very good growing season for our dragon fruit. We offer two different types of fruit, white dragon fruit and red dragon fruit. The dragon fruit is packed in boxes of 6/9 pieces (4.5kg – 5kg/box).

“Parts of Vietnam have been affected by drought in recent months, but our local farmers have been doing this for over 20 years, so they are experts and the weather in southern Vietnam has not been as harsh as in other parts of Vietnam so if we receive an order, we will make sure that the products that Reaching customers is the best.”

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