Team Review: New Zealand – FIBA ​​China 2024 Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament

Team Review: New Zealand – FIBA ​​China 2024 Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament

XI'AN, China – New Zealand will arrive in Xi'an to compete in the 2024 FIBA ​​Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament with big ambitions, as evidenced by its squad packed with elite players such as Penina Davidson, Charles Leger-Walker and Akin. Tera Reid and Stella Beck.


Penina Davidson, who is versatile and powerful with the racket, is determined to play a key role under the baskets. Charlisse Leger-Walker, an excellent scoring guard, should be one of the main offensive options. Akin Terra Red's athleticism and defensive determination will be crucial, while Stella Beck will bring all her experience and playing intelligence to manage the distribution maneuver.

Having such talented players in the Tall Ferns squad only highlights the depth of this team and its potential to compete at the highest level. The New Zealand national team does not hide its desire to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, and will do everything in its power on the field to achieve its goal.

New Zealand will rely heavily on Charles Leger-Walker

The Tall Ferns lineup at TQOF also includes some promising players, most notably Ritorya Tamilo and Kendell Heremaia, enough to provide a balanced group that mixes experience and freshness. The challenges awaiting New Zealand in Xi'an will be daunting, but Davidson, Leger, Walker, Reid and Beck intend to enjoy success.

Will Penina Davidson display her usual verve at TQOF?

the question

Will the tall ferns be able to show consistency and cohesion? While the individual talent is undeniable, other teams have nothing to envy. The New Zealanders are always excellent when the team is in place and balance is found within the group. These will again be necessary in China.

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The Tall Ferns have great potential and will be keen to prove their worth on the international stage. With a talented and motivated workforce, their goal is to deal a major blow to Xi'an. The match against Puerto Rico, who has had an impressive campaign in the 2022 Women's World Cup, will be crucial. A win could actually be synonymous with qualification for the Paris Olympics and would allow New Zealand to return to a competition in which it has not participated since 2008.

The tall fern should not be taken seriously in Xi'an


To be fair, New Zealand will not face any pressure, as it is neither the host of the event nor one of the countries favored to qualify. This way, she will be able to approach this deadline with complete peace of mind.

She will have to persevere when faced with opponents stronger than her and try not to give up. As a reminder, it lost by 34 points to China in the 2023 FIBA ​​Women's Basketball Asia Cup. Indeed, a major setback could prove costly in the fight for Olympic spots.

NZL During the last 10 FIBA ​​competitions

year a race place classification
2023 Women's Basketball Asia Cup Sydney (Australia) the fourth
2021 Women's Basketball Asia Cup Ammaan Jordan) Fifth
2019 Women's Basketball Asia Cup Bengaluru (IND) Fifth
2017 Women's Basketball Asia Cup Bengaluru (IND) VI
2016 FIBA Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament Nantes (FRA) the third
2015 FIBA Oceania Women's Championship Melbourne (Australia) and Tauranga (New Zealand) the second
2013 FIBA Oceania Women's Championship Auckland (New Zealand) and Canberra (Australia) the second
2012 FIBA Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament Ankara (TUR) the third
2011 FIBA Oceania Women's Championship Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney (Australia) the second
2009 FIBA Oceania Women's Championship Canberra (Australia) and Dunedin (New Zealand) the second
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