We know the date of the 2025 exams (as well as the baccalaureate exams)

While students are eagerly awaiting the release of the 2024 exam results, the dates for the 2025 Baccalaureate and University Certificate exams have just been revealed.

Every year, thousands of students prepare diligently for their final exams, whether for their university degree or their baccalaureate. These exams represent a turning point for some students, opening the way to new academic or professional opportunities. Preparing for these exams requires careful planning, and knowing the dates in advance allows you to organize your revisions and better manage your available time.

As the results of this year's exams are about to be announced, attention has already turned to next year. The dates for the 2025 Brevet and Baccalaureate exams have recently been published in the Official Gazette. Official Bulletin On July 4, 2024, the preparation phase will officially launch for thousands of students.

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Brevet College Exam Dates

Written tests Joint College Certificates will be issued 2025 June 26th and 27th. For students who are unable to attend, an alternate session is scheduled for September 8 and 9, 2025. The foreign language test date has been set for June 27. With an alternate session on September 9. These dates represent the end of an important phase for middle school students before they embark on high school.

The diploma is a pivotal stage in a student’s school life. Although it is often viewed as less important than the baccalaureate, it represents the first major academic challenge. Announced dates allow middle school students and their parents to prepare effectively, knowing exactly when they will need to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired in college.

Reminder dates for the general and technological baccalaureate

General and technological baccalaureate exams will begin Monday, June 16, 2025 With the test of traditional philosophy. The coming days, From June 17 to 19, They will be assigned to the specialty tests chosen by the students. These sector-specific subjects are essential for obtaining the diploma and require rigorous preparation. Finally, The grand oral session will be held from Monday, June 23 to Wednesday, July 2, 2025..

For first year students, the written exam will be conducted in French. Friday, June 13, 2025. The French oral exam will be held between June 23 and July 4, 2025, Dates set by each academy. The baccalaureate results will be announced on July 4, 2025, while the remedial exams will be scheduled for Wednesday, July 9, 2025.

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Professional Baccalaureate Exam Dates

The written tests for the 2025 Professional Baccalaureate will be distributed over several periods in order to cover all the subjects stipulated in the program. They will start from From May 12 to 16 Then it will continue from May 19-21and ends on June 26. The exam schedule has been carefully designed to allow students to prepare adequately for each subject. Thus, the French exam and the EMC History and Geography exam are scheduled May 12The next day, May 13, students will have to focus on the subjects of applied arts and artistic cultures, economic law, as well as economic management.

finally, Modern Language TestsA and B, will be respectively 14 and 21 While the Prevention, Health and Environment session, scheduled for June 26, will conclude with the written session. The dates of the oral and practical tests vary depending on the specializations. As for the public sectors, the results will be published in July. Control tests will be organized until July 9, providing a last opportunity for candidates to verify the validity of their certificate.

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