AADL 3 Housing Program: Launch of the electronic platform dedicated to registration

AADL 3 Housing Program: Launch of the electronic platform dedicated to registration

The General Administration of the National Agency for Housing Improvement and Development launched, today, Thursday, in Algiers, the digital platform for the registration process for the AADL 2024 3 rental purchase program, which started yesterday at 9:00 p.m.

This platform, equipped with a website and a digital application, was launched during a press conference on the AADL 3 program, moderated by AADL Director General Fouad Mokrani and Deputy Director General in charge of subscription and documentation Fawzi El Jermoni.

The digital platform can be accessed via the following link: https://aadl3inscription2024.dz, through which the electronic application can be downloaded for smartphones running Android (Play Store) or IOS (Apple Store), especially since registration will be possible via the platform website or the application.

According to Mr. Mokrani, “the platform’s website operates 24 hours a day before opening registration, to allow those wishing to register to view the website or download the application.” As for registration, the General Directorate confirms that the matter is “easy and simple,” especially since the process will be possible via computer or smartphone, so that those wishing to register can complete the registration process wherever they are.

In this context, the Deputy Director General explained that those wishing to register via computer only have to enter the platform via the link, then choose the state, enter the National Identification Number (NIN), enter the Social Security number, then the mobile phone number, before finally entering the Captcha verification code, then clicking on Confirm Data and thus verifying the validity of the registration.

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To register via the AADL 3 application (downloadable from the platform), you must first access the application and click on the “Register” section, before consulting and accepting the conditions that appear in the next window, explains Mr. Jarmouni. After that, another page is displayed to choose the state and enter the National Identification Number (NIN) and the Social Security Number.

These two numbers can be replaced by scanning the biometric national ID card and the recovery card. After entering the mobile number and the Captcha verification code, the details must be verified to confirm the registration.

Then the landline number is displayed which must be contacted within 24 hours according to the explanation provided. Mr. Al-Jarmoni also indicated that the last step in the registration process via the application is to verify the registration, and then the registration form is downloaded.

The CEO of AADL stressed the need to enter a personal phone number for those wishing to register, adding that it is impossible to use one phone number for more than one registration process. The same director also indicated that the agency is ready, at the technical level, to open registration for the AADL 3 session, after mobilizing all the necessary means to make this process a success.

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