“We have to beat Uruguay! Lamaru has a natural drive” - OA Sport

“We have to beat Uruguay! Lamaru has a natural drive” – OA Sport

after defeatsItaly rugby vs new Zeland so Argentina NS Autumn Nations Series 2021Saturday we will play again this time withUruguay. The national team after a good performance with all blackFailing to repeat himself, playing losers and losers 16-37 against Argentina.

Saturday before us will be Uruguay, and Luca Peggy, Hawker from Azzurri, is ready and motivated for the challenge, as stated in an interview with Adnkronos: “We have to grow up, Saturday We must winWe can’t hide behind a finger. Uruguay is strong, players play in American and French teams. On the other hand, our strength must be consistency in the stationary phases, we know that they have qualities that hurt us“.

To win, something has to change compared to what we saw with Argentina, and the national team defender himself knows that we need to do better: “match with all black It was the first in a long time, but we dealt with it right mindsetWe were very focused. We prepared the match in the best possible way withArgentina, but it was a particular week, with various physical issues for the team. It wasn’t the defeat itself that demoralized us, but Not to repeat what we did with the All Blacks.; We are still ready for Saturday“.

Appointment of the new captain, Michelle LamaroPeggy agrees when he talks about a very positive impact: “Lamaru has the leadership natural >> adjective undisputedThere is a whole group supporting it. There is a synergy, We want to grow together: We are pleased with the impact he has had on the team“.

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