Charlie Faumuina ne cache pas avoir signé à Toulouse pour l’aspect financier

Charlie Fomoena does not hide his Toulouse registration for the financial side

New Zealand international law magnate Charlie Fomoena joined Toulouse Stadium in 2017 from the blues.

During a long interview with Olympic NoonThe New Zealand player explained his decision to leave his country and his choice to join France, specifically Toulouse.

He does not hide it: joining Toulouse is also a way for him to financially secure his family’s future. Extract:

It was hard to make the decision. It was not easy to leave my country. But I got to a point where I was less fun to play, I needed to change. And then we won’t lie to each other: financially, signing here allowed me to secure my family’s future. We cannot say that we did not come for it, because it is clear that the financial dimension is often present in transfers from one hemisphere to another. After that, money doesn’t explain everything. Like I told you, I needed to find the spark. I loved all the time I spent with the Blues or with the All Blacks, but I wanted to try something different.”

Furthermore, Charlie Fomoena admits that he misses the All-Blacks. However, he says everything behind him now. Extract:

“Of course I miss not playing with them anymore because what was happening in this team was so special. Everyone cared about the team above all else. What I miss is that camaraderie because I’ve been through some strong things with them. But honestly, I’ve spent my time with the blacks, and I’m happy Very much for what I’ve done. I can’t turn around and tell myself I want to go back. I’m enjoying the moments I had here at the Stade Toulouse.”

When the reporter asked him if he could return to play for the Blacks if the coach called him again, Charlie Faumuina is deeply suspicious. Extract:

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“Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll be able to… I guess I don’t have the level anymore. It seems very unlikely to me that the All Blacks would need me. If they did, they would be really desperate! (laughs) “

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