We are allies, however.

We are allies, however.

Ludovic Marin/AFP French President Emmanuel Macron addresses members of the French community in Amsterdam on April 12, 2023. – Emmanuel Macron pays a two-day visit to the Netherlands, the first state visit by a French president in 23 years, to highlight a new dynamic between Paris and The Hague post-Brexit European, when the Netherlands lost its strongest ally in Europe. (Photo by Ludovic Marin/AFP)

Ludovic Marin/AFP

After remarks about China, the US and Taiwan, which have been widely commented on, Emmanuel Macron, pictured here in Amsterdam on April 12, has no intention of holding back.

Diplomacy – a rock and a hard place. After several days of international criticism over an interview Emmanuel Macron gave to Politico and reverberationElysée continues to strike the iron without hesitation.

France is an ally ” trusted “ From the United States but claims it is not “follower”A French diplomatic source told AFP, Wednesday, April 12. We are not followers of the United States for the simple reason that the president wants European sovereignty.said this source. “We are allies of the United States, trusted, strong, committed allies, but allies we decide for ourselves.”checked.

The statements already echoed the “clarifications” he made in accordance with The New York TimesTuesday, who added that France ” It is not “at equal distance between the United States and China. The United States is our ally with common values.”

“The president didn’t say we wouldn’t care about Taiwan’s security, nor did he say we wouldn’t be there to defend an open Indo-Pacific.”This was also confirmed by the diplomatic source. ” Open Indo-Pacific region ”, an expression that the President took up again during a press conference in the Netherlands with Prime Minister Mark Rutte, this Wednesday, to defend his words and his vision of an alliance completely independent of the European Union.

A mistake in substance and form for Macron

This weekend, the president’s remarks on his return from a visit to Taiwan for a few days shook the international and European diplomatic scene. These statements were immediately interpreted as diverging from Washington, while the United States has been very committed to Ukraine since the start of the Russian offensive.

In addition to Journal articles across the Atlantic Describing the visit as “satisfying,” the US elected officials were particularly surprised. This is the case, for example, of Marco Rubio, who split a video to ask Europeans if Emmanuel Macron was speaking for them, while mocking the diplomatic coup after ” Six hours visit “.

Undoubtedly, the highlight was from Donald Trump himself on Wednesday morning. Former White House tenant Emmanuel Macron has been accused of “licking Xi Jinping’s ass”. affiliate “bad words” Regrets by Paris. “ I didn’t comment on his soundbites when he was president, and I won’t now because he’s not. attacked Emmanuel Macron

Many specialists in international relations also dealt with the mistakes of the French president. ” Upon his return from a state visit to China, Macron could find nothing better than to criticize the United States. This reinforces the strong suspicions of our partners that there is an equal distance from Paris between Washington and Beijing. Antoine Bondaz, a researcher at the Foundation for Strategic Research, analyzed it in a series of messages posted on Twitter.

Worse yet, that Global TimesA Chinese newspaper close to the Chinese government welcomed Emmanuel Macron’s comments.

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