Russia: Did Putin “create anxiety” in front of ambassadors?

Russia: Did Putin “create anxiety” in front of ambassadors?

Indeed, if it is difficult to tell whether Vladimir Putin is expecting an applause or not, the silence of the ambassadors should not be. “Don’t over-interpret it,” To use the words of former diplomat François Heisbourg. The protocol of this kind of ceremony is actually one that no foreign diplomat would applaud. “It’s a credential presentation session, not a place for it,” Emphasis on the former diplomat LCI and Special Adviser to the Institute for Strategic Research (IISS).

Analysis endorsed by Jean de Gleniaste. The former French ambassador to Moscow confirmed to TF1info that, by its very nature, this celebration could not conclude with cheers. This is the time when diplomats come to the defense of their country’s policy. Sometimes to the detriment of the interests of the host country. “We applaud less because during the President’s speech, other ambassadors are sometimes overworked.”notes the person who held this ceremony in 2009. “This was the case for the representative of Japan at the time I was there.” Last Wednesday, it was the turn of the United States and the European Union to deliver a stern lecture by Vladimir Putin. As such, applause would be tantamount to approving an unpleasant speech by one of the other ambassadors.analyzes our interlocutor.

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