Watch out for the RTX 4000 Ada Lovelace leak

Watch out for the RTX 4000 Ada Lovelace leak

subordinate Leaks On the performance of the following NVIDIA graphics cards have appeared in recent days, but we must nonetheless take big tweezers regarding the sources you shared.

Results on TimeSpy and in Lovelace Games?

Let’s start with the famous @kopite7Kimi, who over his last years has told us well about the new NVIDIA cards (particularly the Ampere generation). He shared that the RTX 4090 will score more 19000 points on me Standard Time Spy Extreme, 66% higher score than the current RTX 3090 Ti.

Although it is a file a leak, The author remains a reliable source, compared to the new rumors that surfaced a day later by someone called XpeaGPU on Twitter, but he is also known on the Anandtech forum for spreading many false rumors about old NVIDIA cards.

This person thus posted that the full AD102 chip will reach over 160fps when controlling in Ultra HD 4K, with Ray Tracing and DLSS activated. Offers that would amount to double a 3090.

this is ” a leak “ Taken by several sites, it quickly made the rounds and buzzes. But as mentioned before, this guy used to come up with meaningless claims to have reliable sources, even more reliable than kopite7kimi.

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Fake leak from NVIDIA Fake leak from NVIDIA

This same person claimed (xpea) in his last book Leaks It happened two years ago that NVIDIA Ampere the games It will be based on the 7nm engraving from TSMC, but they will also use Samsung. All while declaring loudly and clearly that kopite7Kimi, who had tracking Almost perfect in the amp range, it was wrong.

So always be careful of Leaks Out of the ordinary, take this with caution and find the source of its information. We are not targeting this particular person, but we recommend that you pay attention to all his celebrities dropouts Out of nowhere, she already possesses a questionable past.

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