Dragonflight: Blizzard greatly reduces the experience needed to reach level 60 – World of Warcraft

the little ones fromicy veins You have determined the amount of experience needed to go from level 1 to 60 in Dragonflight. This is interesting because we realize that if Blizzard increases the XP required a bit to reach level 30, it is completely different from level 30 to 60.

Numerical data is sometimes hard to parse, I’ve got my XP values ​​back and present you a graph comparing the Shadowlands and Dragonflight experience curves.

In practice, Blizzard has reduced the experience required to level up from 2 to 10 very slightly.

Then XP needed to go from level 11 to 30 increments in Dragonflight. In fact, we’re talking about a 5-10% increase, so it’s very slight.

On the other hand, the experience required to level up afterwards is greatly reduced in Dragonflight. The amount of experience gained from level 30 to 50 is almost identical at every level! Thus, to go from level 50 to 51, you need 75% less experience points than Shadowlands. it’s huge. The curves below show that XP no longer increases significantly.

It would be interesting to get explanations from Blizzard on this topic. Is it accelerating leveling up for everyone when the system has been completely revised in Shadowlands? More simply, perhaps the developers wanted to speed up settlement for beta testers on Dragonflight, without intending to publish these changes directly?

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