Watch “Brokenwood – Murder in New Zealand” again: “Bitter Wine” as an iteration on the Internet and on TV

Watch “Brokenwood – Murder in New Zealand” again: “Bitter Wine” as an iteration on the Internet and on TV

Brokenwood – New Zealand murder on Das Erste
Photo: ARD, transmitted via FUNKE directories

The feature film “Brokenwood – Murder in New Zealand” was shown on TV on Saturday (February 13, 2021). You can’t see Josh Frizzell’s “Bitter Wine” on TV at 1:00 in the morning, but you still want to see Brokenwood – Murder in New Zealand? Take a look ARDMedia Library. There you will find many TV reports broadcast online as video on demand after it airs. You can usually find the program online after it has aired on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. There will be no ARD replication in linear TV at this time.

“Brokenwood – Murder in New Zealand” on TV: This is what “Bitter Wine” is all about

The truth is wine in the second case of the new crime series “Brokenwood – Murder in New Zealand”: Neill Rea, aka Detective Mike Shepherd, has to learn a lot about wine to find out who drowned a famous critic in a fermentation silo. Vern Sutherland as Detective Sims and Pana Hema Taylor as his neighbor, who has the “nose” of a wine expert, next to an unconventional detective who drives a vintage car and loves country music. Bitter Wine combines a thrilling crime story with insight into a growing branch of the changing “green island” economy. Detective Mike Shepherd (Neil Rea) imagined life in an ideal vineyard area being more peaceful. As the newly appointed Chief of Police, he and fellow new Sims (Vern Sutherland) must solve the death of influential wine critic Paul Winterson (Alistair Browning). The morning after the prestigious Brokenwood wine contest, the body of a famous jury member was found in a silo owned by winemaker Amanda James (Josephine Davison). The fact that the former series winner came out empty-handed this time and turned out to be a very bad loser immediately makes Amanda the prime suspect. Shepherd also learns that there is a secret private relationship between her and the victim that Amanda does not like to be near. Despite these clues, Shepherd approaches his achievement with an open mind and follows all the leads. With the support of his neighbors, Jared (Bana Hema Taylor), who know about wine, the inspector discovered that the competition was not right. Now he’s targeting winners, famous broadcaster and winemaker Julian Bright (Peter Elliot) and his right-hand man Rob (Jeff Zosterman) at the winery. When Shepherd uncovers a hidden fraud, he enlisted the help of former prime suspect Amanda to investigate the evidence. (Source: ARD, submitted via FUNKE Program Guides)

Brokenwood – Murder in New Zealand: A glimpse into all the cast and information in Bitter Wine

at: ARD

fromBy: Josh Frizzell

With: Neil Rea, Verne Sutherland, Bana Hema Taylor, Nick Sampson, Peter Elliott, Colin Mooy, Christina Ionda, Alistair Browning, Josephine Davison and Jeff Snell

Script: Tim Palm

camera: Marty Smith

Music Joel Haines

TypeCrime and Incense

The year of production2014:

FSK: 12 years old certified

Original address: “The Brokenwood Mysteries”

Subtitle: Yeah

With high accuracy: Yeah

Phonetic description: Yeah

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