Waiters serve excellently at Schafferhof

Waiters serve excellently at Schafferhof

Matthias Kellner at the Schafferhof Theatre. The audience is excited.

Photo: fvo

“Dude – that was good!” It excited many visitors to the Neuhauser Schafferhof Tenne. The great Matthias Kellner stopped there. Quietly sedate he entered the stage, sat down on his guitar chair, hooked up his acoustic guitar and started. The cabaret singer and songwriter is a true master of his trade, both in lively conversation, both in his guitar playing, gestures and facial expressions, but also in his clear vocals. The audience had a great time and sang happily, even after being asked to. “What’s important when you sing is that I can feel your passion!” Kellner said.

“We can all get along so well, it’s just that no one thinks about it,” said Kellner, analyzing the global situation, echoing the phrase “Get on the chain carousel.” The Schafferhof stage is one of his favorite stages because you’re sitting right amongst the people here, but unfortunately he is a super mattress due to his wet pronunciation. He took people with him to the time the radio cassette tape Eagles Hotel California and described the problems behind it in detail and in an amusing way.

The original musician was repeatedly surprised by poems and blues, setting the pace with his feet. Kellner recalled his last appearance at the Schafferhof with Zoigl, episodes of his youth, the focal points of a village inn with his private landlady, Dorftreff Bushäusl with cigarette and chewing gum machines. He gave lectures on park fossils across the Earth’s core of New Zealand and added music with “Radieserl-von-unten-Song”.

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What you can do with a microphone attached to a kazoo, which makes a loud noise when blown, was explained in a very entertaining way by Kellner.

The entertaining artist said: “It does not matter what everyone does, what he believes and what he is, the main thing is that he is not Orschl …”. Just stating that “apparitions were not his invention, but had to be made according to a certain apparition rite, was indeed worth the entry fee for a Lower Bavarian who lives in the Upper Palatinate.

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