Wait for the biggest, enjoy it more

Wait for the biggest, enjoy it more

Nancy Mehrn has been at the same table for 50 years and that she’s 92 (she’ll turn 93 in August) is just a detail. How to maintain his physical fitness, what is the secret of his long life? He said this in an interview.

Nancy Mehrn on a skateboard at 92 (Image via www.stuff.co.nz)

Nancy Mehrn He’s been surfing for life. She’s been using the same board for 50 years and has 92 (93 in August) just a detail. When they see her arriving at Scarborough Beach (Perth, Australia) they smile and greet her respectfully. They only do it because I am old.The woman who waits for the perfect wave in her spare time says sarcastically. She has with her that loyal friend who has withstood the weather, the salt, the whims of the sea, the force of water, the surf, the sun, and time. The colors are faded, the edges are a little worn but never betray when needed.

It is as if Jessica Fletcher, the lady in yellow, is leaving her garden where she is treating roses and flowerbeds for a moment and has decided to take a swim. He descends into the water, waist-high and is there to survey the horizon, to sniff at the salty air when it’s time to lie on your stomach and start wading until you puff up the foam that rises skyward. and jumps on it. She does not get up on the table and let the current carry her without fear. “I prefer the wave when it’s big because I like the thrill of moving really fast, the thrust and the acceleration”. Half an hour of swimming in a day(s) keeps the doctor away.

to ride the wave. Mrs. Nancy has been doing this since she was twenty: she left New Zealand by ship and decided to sail the limitless sea by sailing to England and Europe to study, work, grow, learn and adapt to the life that (also) she must do hiking, sleeping in the station, content with a bed in download. He traveled through India, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon and Pakistan where he taught in a school for three months. She’s been around the world because she says Watchman knowledge is “Do what pleases you most, and that makes you feel good”.

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How to maintain his physical fitness, what is the secret of his long life? Another mood, practice cycling, follow gymnastics courses and dance to the beats of classical music. Until the next wave, whether it’s the beautiful, big, foamy wave. Thrills fly away, balanced over the frenzy of salt and foam.

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