Rugby: In 2022, the Blue Team will meet in New Zealand in the ninth Women's World Cup

Rugby: In 2022, the Blue Team will meet in New Zealand in the ninth Women’s World Cup

They have been waiting for this for five years. Covid commits, the ninth edition of the Women’s Rugby World Cup, to be staged for the first time in the Southern Hemisphere, has been postponed by one year.

Within 5 years, the daughters of Annick Herod, the French coach, had time to whet their appetite. Led stainless steel from Montpellier Safi N’Diaye (photo) Les Bleues just beat the New Zealand Women twice during last fall’s tour. It is enough to make them serious contenders for the world title. Of course, we will have to count on the vengeful English and black ferns to challenge them for the ultimate victory.

First shock against the English

With a strong colony of Montpelieraine, the French women have arguments to make. And if the draw gives them their first shock against XV de la Rose, the strongest opponent in recent years, nothing will frighten them.
It will be necessary first to gauge themselves during the Six Nations Championship in the spring for Cyril Bennett, Caroline Bogard and their MHR teammates. But these girls showed this fall that they have the energy to spare, rugby is in their hands, and that they can lead the way for their male counterparts by claiming the first world crown.

See you in October

We’ll have to wait until October to see all these little people fighting in the New Zealand prairies. In the Land of the Long White Cloud, where rugby is the king’s sport, the succession of black ferns is open. France is in the race more than ever. If you fail to go for opposites, you will always be able to go and support the international players of MHR in reclaiming their France Elite title.

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