Vocal workshops "Musique Pluriel" at Espace Brassens in Saint Rémy for a concert organized by "Saint Rémy Patrimoine".

Vocal workshops “Musique Pluriel” at Espace Brassens in Saint Rémy for a concert organized by “Saint Rémy Patrimoine”.

A wonderful concert of “Musique Pluriel” took place on Sunday December 11th at the Salle Brassens in Saint Rémy.

Saint Rémy Patrimoine used to organize at least one concert a year in order to raise funds intended to fund restoration, maintenance of the municipality’s historical monuments or research.

On the eve of the Christmas holidays, Michel Ravet, President of Saint Rémy Patrimoine and his team of volunteers gave a concert on Sunday December 11th with “Musique Pluriel” as a guest.

“Musique Pluriel” is a Chalonnaise association that develops training and animation activities in the field of singing with the desire to address all audiences. Thanks to recognized professionals, he gives high-quality rehearsals and concerts.

During this evening, songs and show were mixed. The songs were supervised by Marie Fraschina and Catherine Faure.

For the theatrical segment directed by Claire Monod.

A concert rich in translation, starting this evening, “the night“Set to Music by Barbara Trojani, Then Among the Titles”knitting” by Maurice Badri with music by Robert Mermod or “Myrologist of the Virgin“Music from the Balkans and a whole range of songs that the audience was able to applaud during this concert. A variety ranging from ancient secular or sacred music to contemporary songs improvised from all over the world…

Some scenes stunned the audience.

The ceremony was attended by just over 250 people. The public was able to quench their thirst at the refreshment bar run by volunteers from “Saint-Remy Patrimoine”.

At the end of the ceremony, the president drew a lottery, the numbers of which were recorded on the back of the programs.

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