Lot: Carrefour des Sciences reveals its ambitions for the planet in 2023

Lot: Carrefour des Sciences reveals its ambitions for the planet in 2023

For the year 2023, the Carrefour Science and Arts Association is implementing actions to protect nature and preserve biodiversity. His project “La science la Nature et nous” submitted to the EDF Group Foundation won the jury, who presented the Lot Association with a support check of €15,000 in “blow to the heart“.

The “Nature Sciences and Us” project implemented by the association is proposedSupporting the 2023 Science Wednesdays Workshops “Natural Interns”, Supporting the establishment and operation of a climate club for more than 15 years, Supporting the implementation of projects of a participatory nature, Supporting the organization of gigantic mural evenings.

The challenges of climate change and erosion of biodiversity are great, we must talk about them! How do we act if we do not understand? Once we know? what do we do Based on these observations, the association decided to set up a project on societal challenges related to climate change and the preservation of biodiversity, ”carrefour des sciences representatives confirmed.

Climate Club, Nature Projects, Don’t Forget Science Wednesdays

Among the many awareness-raising actions, we should note the creation of the “Climate Club” for adolescents, which was born out of the desire of many young adolescents from our association who want to take action to talk about what affects them to others. age. They want to provide entertainment. Create videos and even design fun and educational widgets. With this financial support, young people will have the means to carry out their business and our employees will make time to support them.

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or evenNature work camps for the general public which will allow people to take action with active outings in the field.

“Finally, the Science Discovery Workshops on Science Wednesdays have been a flagship activity for our association for 20 years, Lot members recall. For the 2023 season, we’ll be tackling science through nature: field trips, playful, manipulative experiments.”

To support all of its missions as a crossroads of science, the Society can count on a well-trained team. “Our mediation skills make it possible to address climate change/biodiversity topics based on IPCC scientific data. The aim is to re-transmit them in a way that is fun, educational and experiential. Our association welcomes all those who wish to do so,” explains Magali Constant, scientific mediator of the association.

Thus, Carrefour des Sciences has a committed and active 2023.

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