Vinci buys HEB Construction

Vinci buys HEB Construction

BTP Vinci Group announces the acquisition of New Zealand company HEB Construction. The local company employs 750 people and specializes in civil engineering, structural engineering, hydraulics, roadworks, earthworks, marine works, port works, prefabrication and transportation. At the end of 2014, HEB Construction reported sales of around €230 million.

With this new acquisition, the French giant confirms its international development strategy in high-growth markets. New Zealand’s GDP grew by more than 3% in 2014. Vinci stressed that the booming construction sector offers prospects for steady growth. “The contract notified last April for the construction of a 27km 2×2 lane road on the Wellington Expressway is a symbolic example.“, explains Philippe Chavint, President of the Vinci International Construction Network. This project, in which HEB is participating within a group of companies, and whose value is more than 500 million euros, is considered one of the largest current infrastructure projects on the island.“.

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